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JVM Solutions

Low Latency

As its core, Segue2LL uses  Z Garbage Collector (ZGC) technology . The ZGC collector eliminates the “stop-the-world” garbage collection (GC) pauses that improve the capabilities and response time of your applications. Thanks to ZGC, applications running on Segue2LL can deliver consistent performance and improved reliability by avoiding GC pauses while making more in-memory data available without the performance impact of very large heaps. Graal JIT technology is also integrated with our JVM, allowing better application, excellent peak performance and reduced latency

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Low Latency

High Performance

Segue2LL is integrated with Graal JIT to enhance the performance of your Java applications. Thanks to Graal JIT, your applications run faster and consume fewer resources—reducing cloud and infrastructure costs.

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High prfomance

Certified JDKs

Java TCK compliant

J-Class is an OpenJDK Community TCK License Agreement (OCTLA) Signatory.

And is one of few vendors that have licensed from Oracle the OpenJDK Community Technology Compatibility Kit (TCK) for different versions of OpenJDK. As such, our Segue2LL OpenJDK we build for our customers is verified compliant with the Java SE (Standard Edition) specifications using the TCKs, which ensures that our JVM meets all the speculations of the individual JSRs for a given version of Java SE.

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Certifid JDKs


we offer

Java TCK compliant

Segue is Java-certified TCK-tested to meet the same standards

as Oracle Java SE, but with

better support.

ZGC Garbage Collector

Segue exists with ZGC garbage collector that reduce STW by 1ms to nanosecond range.

High performance
JIT complier

Bringing Graal JIT to the Java runtime will   help enterprises drive additional value from their ongoing investments in Java-based applications and infrastructure.


is good for

Lower costs

Segue Consumes less memory and eliminates the need for additional servers that are usually required to deliver a given service. Furthermore, a fewer servers means lower monthly cloud bills and lower capital and operating costs for on premises deployments

Deliver experiences customers want

Segue improves customer experiences  across selling

channels by improving

the performance of your

Java-based systems.

Better support

Segue Product Support plans are cost-effective and designed to help businesses maintain the benefits of consistent performance and ensure that bug fixes and security updates

are available. So they can focus on business-impacting activities.

Technical Account Manager

Call us for Technical Account Manager Options 

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