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Segue  JVM Solutions

Segue offers next generation Java open source performance so your business keeps it's competitive edge. We run early testing on the very latest open source Java code so your tech teams know exactly how your applications are going to perform with the latest and best JVM versions, keeping you  one step ahead of your competition by taking advantage of the latest Java features and performance enhancements.


  • Takes full advantage of the large memory and multiple CPU cores in today’s servers.

  • Supports Java heaps up to 4 TB, reducing or eliminating the need for off-heap technologies.

  • Scales rapidly, with sustained memory allocation rates beyond 30GB/sec.

  • Removes Java Garbage Collection pauses as a factor limiting your business.

  • Eliminates response time and latency outliers.

  • Delivers a better user experience.

  • Minimizes JVM and application tuning for faster time to market.

  • 50% reduction in TCO vs other Java platforms.

  • Optimized for Intel x86/64 servers and all major Linux distros

Open Source Low Latency,
Large Heap Java JVM

Flexible and powerful, Java is the ideal choice for development, DevOps and operations teams worldwide. Segue is a scalable low latency garbage collector that builds upon Java’s advantages by delivering a consistent, highly scalable open source Java Virtual Machine (JVM) that matches the needs of today’s business, from newly-developed micro service-based applications to long-running legacy systems. Segue is the best JVM for all Java workloads, including online retail, SaaS or Cloud-based deployments, insurance portals, multi-user gaming platforms, or Big Data. It’s also ideal for low-latency systems for capital markets and ensures smooth operation with predictable, error free performance. Enables Java developers to make efficient and effective use of server resources or VM instances without the random stalls, pauses and jitter that have been part of Java’s heritage. With improved memory-handling and a more stable, consistent runtime platform, Java developers can rely upon Segue as they build and deploy richer applications, driving new revenue streams and supporting new innovations. Whether your application requires human-scale response times or is machine-scale, measuring peak response time in microseconds, Segue allows you to scale to meet even the most demanding service level agreements without re-architecting or depending upon JVM tuning experts helping you take advantage of new business opportunities faster and with lower operating costs.


Reduced Latency,

Pause times do not exceed 10ms.

Pause times do not increase with

the heap or live-set size.

Handle heaps from a few hundred megabytes up to 4 terabytes in size.

Open source code means no surprises or non-standard requirements.

Simple to install and requires no coding changes to existing applications.

Delivers consistent application performance, Maintains your SLA.


profit and revenue.




annual support agreements.

JDK version 14, 15 and 19.

Our collector




Using colored pointers


Using load barriers

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