About US

​At J-Class we believe that the key to improving your business is through the application and integration of cutting edge technology solutions. We stay forward-thinking to anticipate the technology standards and problems of tomorrow, keeping you ahead of the game — today.

Our robust and diverse suite of products, services and consulting packages reflects over fifty years of deep Java experience. Each program is tailored to help you sustain your legacy systems, while at the same time enhancing your development cycle to accelerate productivity, new features, and products to make your business more competitive.

Our number one goal is to protect the trust your customers and investors have placed in your brand. We understand how IT teams struggle to maintain and improve Java application performance. Developers have continually had to address Java limitations to balance performance and stability.


Our Suite of Products comes with exceptional support services staffed by people who understand systems, development, and infrastructure design to keep your line of business managers and customers happy.

Our team will review your services, stack, and applications to eliminate risks and ongoing problems. We can code, debug, and optimize application performance to remove the painful delays your customers experience. We help enterprise organizations by making Java easier, more secure, and compliant. 

Return on investment is fast and ongoing. We manage Java and save the man-hours your data scientists and developers could be spending on value-add IP,  new features, and services.​

Our deep technical expertise in Java Virtual Machine (JVM) technology over the last 19 years offers one of a few select groups of Java engineers servicing Fortune 500 companies and their Java resolution needs. We operate like a critical response team, ready to investigate and resolve “ghost in the machine” type problems most internal IT staffs don’t have the expertise, or care, to recognize and resolve. In partnering directly with enterprise organizations, and by making their Java interfaces easier, secure, less stressful, and time-consuming, we free up your data scientists and developers to focus on value-added IP and profit-growing systems. 

Established 1989


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