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J-Class is improving Businesses through

the application and integration of cutting edge Java technology solutions.

We stay forward-thinking to anticipate

the technology standards and problems

of tomorrow, keeping you ahead

of the game - today.

J-Class Solutions Inc. is a CMMC Registered Provider Organization with a team of Registered Practitioners (RPs).

We not only offer guidance but also we implement CMMC

for contractors and sub-contractors working towards achieving

the certification.


Our robust and diverse suite of products, services and consulting packages reflects over fifty years of deep Java experience. Each program is tailored to help you sustain your legacy systems, while at the same time enhancing your development cycle to accelerate productivity, new features, and products to make your business more competitive.

Our number one goal is to protect the trust your customers and investors have placed in your brand. We understand how IT teams struggle to maintain and improve Java application performance.

Developers have continually had to address Java limitations to balance performance and stability.


Our story

Thomas Garben  created J-Class Solutions in 1989 to improve businesses through the application and integration of cutting edge technology solutions. Mr.Garben is a Java Software Engineer, he brings with himself 15-year industry experience and expertise.

J-Class began as an IT solutions provider, helping  accelerate businesses via custom software solutions.

We now provide robust and diverse suite of products, services and consulting packages, Segue a new JVM technology fully TCK compliant and reduces STW by 1ms to nanosecond range,  cost effective enterprise support solutions customization, patch updates, custom OEM builds, and bug fixes. We keep enterprise Java applications running as efficiently as possible.

Our global team helps the world’s most-innovative enterprises review their services, stack, and applications to eliminate risks and ongoing problems. We can code, debug, and optimize application performance to remove the painful delays your customers experience. We help enterprise organizations by making Java easier, more secure, and compliant.


We have come a long way in the last 15 years. We learn, we understand and we grow in this time. We have made long-lasting friendships with our clients, our Team members are like a family and we believe in continually growing and making a difference in the business life of our clients.

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Our leadership


The J-Class team of veteran IT business and Java experts

have been serving financial services and commercial

clients for over 19 years. 

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