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J-Class assists you to sustain legacy system so you

become more competitive and productive.

Low Latency in Java

IT professionals fight continuously to the problems occurring in java application and implementation. They do an effort to keep a balance between java limitations and performance. Here J-Class applies many years of experience and offers a set of products and services to eliminate those blockades.While accumulating new technology into your development cycle, it assists you to sustain legacy system so you become more competitive and productive. 

Java is frequently perceived slow for the reason of its virtual machine and garbage collection. But the accurate optimization is the solution to make it fast.Let’s sort out the basics that induce Low Latency. Here are a few:

Garbage Collection

GC pauses can unexpectedly rise our latency, they become manageable with the right optimization. Non-standard, low-latency JVMs like Zing from Azul are also implementable

as a solution.


Assembling hot code paths to the machine code can really add speediness to the system. We want to give additional attention to warming up our system.


Using lock-free algorithms and I/O becomes critical and greatly affects the latency.


Before starting the system,

all key classes must be loaded.

Data Structures

It would be good to focus on data structures that are finest to store data and do not disturb latency. For instance, we can prefer ConcurrentHashMap for a better degree of concurrency over synchronizedMap.

The complexity
of algorithms

Bad complexity of our algorithms highly decreases the latency.  So algorithms should be run at the top probable rapidity.

At J-Class we care about high-performance JVMs and Java applications by smearing innovative technology to expand the business. We are zealous and look toward what will become up-to-the-minute technology standards. We share our thoughts with compatible officials to resolve the complications you are facing currently while peeping into bright tomorrow. ​Our top priority is to maintain the belief and trust your clients and depositors have shown towards your company.

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