J-Class delivers service & support for high performance Java-Based VMs 

  • Enhanced VM tuning for extra demanding applications

  • "No Surprise" Stability with Low latency performance 

  • Complex Java Application design and development

  • Deep Java knowledge for Root Cause Analysis

  • Open source Segue provides predictable system behavior  

Eliminate Runtime Pauses in Critical Enterprise Applications and Speed Up Software Development  Cycles   

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Enterprise JVM

JVM Analyzer & Monitor

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Application Development

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AI &Machine Learning



Segue is built from OpenJDK source codes, provides alternative to JVM​, keeps enterprise applications running smoothly under any program loads. Our low latency option eliminate losses from "Stop The World" pauses that cause system crashes, nevertheless, Segue gives you the way to compile, run and debug any Java-based application. Our experience in enterprise systems ensures you deliver what your clients want.  Segue has passed the Java SE TCK as provided by Oracle under the OpenJDK Community TCK and EA TCK License Agreement.

J-CLass can quickly build critical applications in any areas of Interoperability, Medical Records, HISPs, EMR/EHRs, Blockchain, IoT, 5G cellular services, video streaming, or Virtual Reality, have one of J-Class' scrum teams quickly build out a complete Spring-Boot or other Java framework based application with the advantage of our robust JDKs. We ensure that your critical applications will be built in record time and will be 100% responsive to the  unprecedented traffic unleashed on your applications . 

JVM JAM is an in-depth JVM Analyzer and Monitoring application that reads Java Garbage Collection (GC) log files produced by your JVM while running your Java application. Log files can be either static log files or files dynamically generated in real-time. JAM let's you perform in-depth analysis, real-time monitoring, and alerts for dozens of metrics of your JVM and application and system that they are running on. Works with single or multi-hosts. 

We are working to be at the forefront of applying Machine Learning to Java JVMs

to assist in how JVM and application changes affect performance of the software stack. As you look to keep applications and performance at peak levels we are exploring how to provide advanced monitoring and corrections to keep your systems working properly.