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  • A.I. enhanced custom JVMs  built to your exact needs

  • "No Surprise" Stability with Low latency performance 

  • Advanced Java application testing for efficiency and consistency

  • Open source Segue2LL JVM provides predictable system behavior 

  • Deep Java knowledge for Root Cause Analysis  

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Segue2LL JVM​ provides financial services and enterprise clients with certainty of execution under any program loads for the lowest possible latency to remain competitive. Eliminates profit losses from application pauses, and slowed market data ingestion. 4TB heap capability supports large datasets.

Segue2LL JVM eliminates "Stop The World" pauses and is a high performance, open source alternative to standard JVM products. Our enterprise Java experience in enterprise and capital markets ensures that you can deliver what your clients and investors want.

We have created JVM JAM, an in-depth JVM Analyzer Monitoring application for the latest versions of Java: 6 to the latest versions. It reads Java Garbage Collection (GC) log files produced by your JVM while running your Java application. These log files can be either be static log files or files dynamically generated in real-time. With JAM you can perform in-depth analysis and real time monitoring and alerting of dozens of metrics relative to the behavior of your JVM and application and system that they are running on. Works with single or multi-hosts. JVM JAM is available for download now. 

As mobile data volume increases, so does the demand for faster communication times to support IoT, 5G cellular services, video streaming, gaming, and Virtual Reality. As online purchasing increases on mobile devices, faster page load times and shopping carts executions also need to keep up with demand. We offer SegueEM for embedded systems with custom OEM programming for appliances and devices, and general Java support. 

We are working to be at the forefront of applying Machine Learning to Java JVMs

to assist in how JVM and application changes affect performance of the software stack. As you look to keep applications and performance at peak levels we are exploring how to provide advanced monitoring and corrections to keep your systems working properly. 


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