Low-Latency Large Heap Java Solutions


Production Support Terms of Service

                                                   Self-support                            Standard                                    Premium

Hours of coverage                   N/A                                            Standard business hours         Standard business hours (24x7 for Severity 1 and 2)**

Support channel                      None                                         Web and phone                         Web and phone

Number of cases                     N/A                                            Unlimited                                    Unlimited

Response times                     Initial and ongoing               Initial and ongoing                  Initial response            Ongoing response

Severity 1                                  N/A                                            1 business hour                         1 hour                              1 hour or as agreed

Severity 2                                  N/A                                            4 business hours                       2 hours                            4 hours or as agreed

Severity 3                                  N/A                                            1 business day                           4 business hours           8 business hours or as agreed

Severity 4                                  N/A                                            2 business day                           8 business hours           2 business days or as agreed

** In order to provide you with 24x7 coverage, We request that you identify a dedicated point of contact who will be available until the issue is resolved. NOTE: Severity 2 issues are not automatically set to 24x7 coverage after filing a support case, and 24x7 coverage should be explicitly requested if applicable. 


Technical Account Management (TAM) Terms of Service

The TAM service is a service purchasable in addition to Segue product subscriptions. The terms of service associated with the TAM service is defined and determined by the underlying J-Class product subscription. View the Segue Subscription Terms of Service for more information.

Hours of Coverage

The TAM service is a region-based service offered in all primary J-Class support regions (North America, EMEA, Asia Pacific). The TAM service is offered during J-Class Support standard business hours in those regions. View Segue Support standard business hours for more details.


Engaging a TAM Outside of Support Standard Business Hours

Outside of Segue Support standard business hours, customers with premium J-Class product subscriptions will receive 24x7 support for Severity 1 issues.

24x7 support is provided through Segue 24x7 production support lines under a follow-the-sun model.

The Segue 24x7 Production Support Team will be responsible for resolving your issue, but they will consult your TAM for advice and to gain a better understanding of your infrastructure, environment, and specific needs. Customers who purchase TAMs in each Presta primary support region should follow the same process and contact the appropriate Presta 24x7 support number.

Technical Account Management Service Scope of Coverage

The Technical Account Management (TAM) service is for customers who want the highest level of support from J-Class in order to maximize their return on a significant investment in Red Hat technology. The service provides a primary technical contact at J-Class who will work with you directly to understand your ongoing technology requirements. Your TAM will help you minimize downtime by informing you of critical bugs and fixes that may be relevant to your environment. They will act as your single point of accountability if you face mission-critical issues affecting your systems.

TAM Service Key Attributes

  • Direct access to a senior Segue Support engineer 

  • Exposure and access to Segue technology and development plans

  • Early identification of issues when deploying on Enterprise Linux (beta testing, bug/feature escalation/resolution)

  • Weekly review calls

  • Two on-site technical reviews per year

  • Quarterly service performance metrics through the TAM dashboard

  • Subscription to the Segue TAM monthly newsletter

TAM Service Parameters

Your use of the TAM service may vary significantly depending on the nature of your business, geographical spread, or use of J-Class technologies. The TAM service is packaged according to the following criterias:

  • Per region: The TAM service is region-based and is purchasable for each primary J-Class region. Segue primary regions are defined as North America, EMEA, and Asia-Pacific.

  • Per customer team: The TAM Service is purchasable per customer team. Depending on your business and service needs, a team may be defined as your development team, your system administration team or even your support team.

  • Per Segue product line: Due to the technical nature of the TAM offering and the diversity of the J-Class Solutions product portfolio, the TAM service is purchasable per the Segue product line.