Segue  JVM Solutions

Segue2LL  offers next generation Java open source performance so your business keeps it's competitive edge. We run early testing on the very latest open source Java code so your tech teams know exactly how your applications are going to perform with the latest and best JVM versions, keeping you  one step ahead of your competition by taking advantage of the latest Java features and performance enhancements.

 Segue2LL Advantages

  • Supports Java heaps up to 4 TB

  • Max latency is 10 milliseconds or less

  • Removes GC pauses, eliminates response time and latency outliers 

  • Suitable for low-latency capital markets, online retail, SaaS, Cloud, and Big Data

  • Ensures smooth operation anywhere predictable, pause free Java is essential

  • Removes the random stalls, pauses and jitter for a better user experience

  • Scales to meet even the most demanding service level agreements.

  • Simple to install & compatible with existing applications & standard monitoring tools                                          

Segue Java Support Options

Segue2LL Enterprise Support plans are designed to help businesses:

  • Sustain predictable performance

  • Maintain production consistency

  • Contain issues  

Enjoy the benefits of consistent performance and ensure that bug fixes, security updates, and critical issue resolution services are available.

Segue Java Support plans are extremely cost-effective with both standard 8x5 and premium 24/7 support options available.

Our support engineers have extensive Java experience and deep knowledge of the JDK, JVM, memory management, performance optimization, and usage of industry-standard application monitoring and management tools.


You will be working only with experienced, knowledgeable support engineers that know Java inside and out and are dedicated to the success of your deployment and your business.

Low-Latency Consulting

 J-Class configures systems for performance. We give system admins the backup they  need to debug your most complex issues through our process for providing low, medium, and high criticality remedies with both long and/or short term fixes quickly

 Support Options:

  •     Installation and setup consulting

  •     Low Latency setup Consulting

  •     Large Heap setup Consulting

  •     GC log analysis

  •     Low-Latency Expert Overview

  •     Large Heap Expert Overview

  •     Developer Analysis


Software Stack Update Support

  •  As new security patches are released, we keep all your builds up to date, tested, and stable


Issue Management

  •     Keep track of issues

  •     Report on issues status

Custom JVM Modifications

  • Custom fixes and enhancements

  • Certify and pre-certify JVM builds

  • Insure you have the latest, most competitive JVM available