Capital Markets
  • Ensure a stable trading environment
  • low latency performance for trading platforms and matching engines 
  • Simplifies development and testing - Use low latency Java instead of C++ to make your development teams more productive
  • Consistent and predictable execution under all traffic loads
  • Up to 4 TB heap available for your algorithms and large datasets
Omnichannel Retail & eCommerce
  • Increase revenue, profitability and customer loyalty
  • Launch new features faster
  • Utilize more real-time data for personalization and analytics
  • Improve response times, eliminate dropped client requests
  • Eliminate Abandoned Shopping carts
Telecom and Wireless
  • Predictable latency meets strict SLAs and regulatory mandates
  • Deliver rich new mobile experiences
  • Reduce or eliminate glitches due to Java GC
  • Launch new businesses leveraging Big Data
  • Ensure consistent, reliable operation of BSS/OSS
  • Meet the performance targets of M2M and IoT
Digital Advertising
  • Ensure consistent response times
  • Increase real-time behavioral data performance times
  • improving response time for the mission critical real-time business
  • Convert more users based on better site speeds and information availability
Digital Travel
  • Deliver a better customer experience
  • Faster page loads and execution of personalized features by caching more information 
  • Launch new features and promotions without performance worries 
  • Eliminate the pauses that lead to user disconnects and site crashes
Business Benenfits
  • Segue helps ensure a consistent execution environment for all your customers
  • Delivers pauseless operation
  • Protects your existing software investment
  • Improves time to market for new algorithms
  • Frees up development resources for innovation
  • Reduces operation risk 
  • Provide a great customer experience across selling channels
  • Handle increased transaction loads with ease
  • Support advanced big data analytics systems
  • Use existing hardware and software, without coding changes
  • Network functions virtualization (NFV) and software-defined networking (SDN) are transforming how service providers and OEMs build and deliver new products
  • Segue helps current and next-gen Java-based applications deliver a better and more consistent UX
  • Provides jitter-free operation without the cost and complexity of tuning or re-architecting
  • Improves revenue and profitability for both demand-side and supplier-side platforms by lowering latency
  • Improves response time for the mission critical real-time business 
  • Segue deliveres ultra-low latency, high performance and predictability that drives the difference between wins and losses
  • Delivers easy, personalized browsing and booking across channels to provide the best customer experience.
  • High performance JVM for digital travel and booking systems